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In the Stewardship Department, we have often questioned "What is Stewardship and What is a (Christian) Steward?

The best answer we can give is one that I read a few months ago and have come to accept as the definitive response on stewardship.


"Follow Me," Jesus simply but powerfully commanded of the Apostles and they did. That call is made to us as well on this day and in this time. How do we follow Jesus? We try to live our lives as He did - the example of the perfect steward. Stewardship is discipleship. It is the care and use of all that we have been given by God and is oftten explained in terms of talent, treasure and time.

We have set as our goal for 2016-2017: To have every member of the Bronx Church recognize that they are GOD'S stewards, God's disciples, in word, deed and action.

A couple of years ago, the Stewardship Department focused the memebrship on the duties of a steward (disciple).  The first quarter was devoted to TIME. During the summer months, the department focused on the Steward and his TREASURE.  The director  found the following article on offerings that she shared with the members, and thought it may be informative to others as well.

The article is an excerpt from the article entitled From the Staff of Dynamic Steward, entitled Offering, What?

Offerings to Him
James tells us "every good gift and every perfect gift is fiorm above" (James 1:17) If you think about it, offerings originate with God. He gives us life and salvation, and He sustains us from day to day. His nature is the essence of giving.

What. then, can we offer God in worshipful resonse to so great a love? We tend to think of monetary offerings when we address the subject of offerings. And of course, this is vital to worship and stewardship. But as we comtemplate holistic, biblical stewardship, we discover there are many ways we may present offerings to Him. In this study, we will look at some of these ways as described in God's word.

Reflect on the passages below and list other Scriptures that complement each kind of offering. Let's begin by reading Hebrewes 13: 15,16.

Have you ever thougth of the act of praising God as an offering? When we offer God a "sacrifice offering" we truly stretch our faith. We can walk through the dense fog or raging storm of a blinding crisis with praise on our lips. Only those who offer a sacrifice of praise know the joy it brings.
Read 1 Corinthians 16: 23-36. List the different kinds of offerings described in this passage.

Every part of worship is an offering! "Unpack" each element of the worship service and describe how each of these is an offering to GOD.
Read 2 Corinthians 9: 6-9 What kinds of offerings does God desire?

"Bring an offering and come before Him..." (I Chr. 16:29). In the act of worship we bring our gifts to Him. And our offerings become acceptable as they are mixed with the merits of His grace.
Read Romans 12:1,2.

The "therefore" in Romans 12:1 follows Paul's question, "Who has ever given to God., that God should repay him? For from him and through him and to him are all things."

Another writer puts it this way: everything comes from Him, everything happens through Him, every thing ends up in HIm... (so) take your everyday, ordinary life.. and place it before God as an offering: (Romans 11:36, Message Bible)

As we "view God's mercy", in what ways can we offer ourselves as that "living sacrifice"?

2016-2017 Stewardship Team:
Juliet Robins, Opal Rotali  and Elder Dorothy Graham 


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