Adventist JUNIOR Youth

Our MISSION is: To lead young people into an understanding of who Jesus is and how He can be their friend, guide and brother in all situations and in every circumstance. And to communicate to them the importance of developing a personal relationship with God the father and with Christ Jesus.

The purpose of AJY is to build character, provide social interaction, give leadership training, and involve the youngsters in Christian service with the purpose and intent of nurturing the youngster's interest in Christ and His Church.


  • Have weekly AJY programs specifically targeted to the interests and growth of the youngsters
  • Create opportunities to fellowship, socialize and learn valuable lessons in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Allow the youngsters to assume leadership roles and to provide exercises to advance their social skills and abilities
  • Encourage participation in Church related programs and activities
  • Reocognize the positive achievements and accomplishments of our boys and girls.

We see our area of leadership for youngsters between the ages of 9 - 15. We endeavor to work hand in hand with the directors of Children's Ministry, as well as the leaders of the Adventurers and Pathfinder clubs to promote bible study, good reading, appropriate music and nature activities, etc. to aid in the development of our boys and girls (and community children) in making right choices and ultimately having a desire to live thier lives in accordance with God's direction for them.



Sharon Mohammed, Leader

Asst.  Geraldine Francis