Adventist JUNIOR Youth

Our MISSION is: To lead young people into an understanding of who Jesus is and how He can be their friend, guide and brother in all situations and in every circumstance. And to communicate to them the importance of developing a personal relationship with God the father and with Christ Jesus.

Adventist Youth Society



Home of the ‘11 North American Division Adult Bible Bowl Team; and we are once again prepping for a championship trophy for 2018! At the Bronx Seventh-day Adventist Church, we believe that reading the Bible is an important part of life and have developed a thriving Bible Bowl


The Adventurer ministry exists to assist parents in their important job as their child's primary teacher and evangelizer. Therefore, we see our mission to help strengthen the parent/child relationship while assisting the child



In 1992, as an act of faith, Pastor Calvin Harrison, despite the Bronx Church's dismal financial position inspired the membership to step out in faith in order to purchase 3 acres of land, located in the northeast section of the Bronx.

Children's Ministry

 againThe Children's Ministries Department is a vital part of the evangelistic efforts and goals of any church that's on a mission.

Community Services

Presently, this department manages a food distribution program once a week at the church. They can be called upon anytime to facilitate someone who may be in need or have suffered material loss.


Leader - Viola Jackson

The 2015 Board of Deaconnesses

In many churches an unwritten tradition gives the women who serve as deaconesses the responsibility of organizing hot meals for any church family that experiences a death or other tragedy.



Elders and deacons assist pastors in the work of the church. In the SDA Church, deacons play an active role which allows the pastor freedom to take care of pressing

Education Ministries

The Ministry of Education is very important to the worldwide church of Seventh-day Adventists as well

Elder Board

Our present elder board has nearly one hundred sixty years of experience in service to the Bronx Church. The elders are a representative group of committed and dedicated individuals in claiming lost souls and doing the will of God. They vary in age and background but are all focused on expanding the kingdom of God by supporting the pastor in his ministry and being equally engrossed in serving the membership and the ministries of the church.

Family Life Ministries

Our goals are to provide spiritual counsel, direction, build relationships and promote family interaction. Our primary emphases for 2018 are to awaken the membership to the importance of socialization and healthy family communication and togetherness which is God’s ideals for a Christ -centered existence.

Health Ministries

Wholeness and health have been an emphasis of the Seventh-day Adventist church since the 1860s when the church began. The Bible reminds us that

Men's Ministry

 Our MISSION is to provide opportunities to make new friendships and obtain resources that will aid in the spiritual and personal growth of the men of the Church and our surrounding community.  

Music Ministry

Over my head, I hear music in the air,
Over my head, I hear music in the air,
Over my head, I hear music in the air,
There must be a GOD somewhere.


The Pathfinder ministry exists to help nurture boys and girls during their early formative years. During this time their brain patterns are formed, so it is the most crucial time to teach good habits.

Personal Ministries


The Personal Ministries Department of the church provides resources and trains its membership to unite their efforts in proclaiming the gospel of salvation in Christ.. This department works in concert with other departmental ministries in the church to

Prayer Ministry

OUR MISSION: To encourage the membership to stay connected to God throughout the day through the medium of prayer.

Sabbath School


For the Sabbath School:  We have two goals - One is to nurture friendships with other class members through relevant discussion and information that will focus on God's goodness. Another is to discover what Christ's will is for our lives, develop our faith in Him and then live accordingly. The mission of the Sabbath School collectively, is to make heaven our home, ('our', meaning families, friends and neighbors)


Stewardship is one of the Christian principles that God has placed in His Word to help us serve Him properly and prepare us for His soon-coming.  This principle is known as the three Ts of the Christian life-style:  TIME, TALENT and TREASURE.

Stewardship Ministry

In the Stewardship Department, we have often questioned "What is Stewardship and What is a (Christian) Steward?

The best answer we can give is one that I read a few months ago and have come to accept as the definitive response on stewardship.

Usher Board

USHERING is an important and crucial ministry because it is one of the most visible in the church.

The Bronx Church Usher Board is made up of all ages… young as 10 years old and to age 83 years "young", both male and female.